New Member South Wales

I have just joined the Club at the recent Stafford Mechanics Show.
Very impressed with the Club stand and the warm welcome --all most efficient.
I am not sure if I have been successful in posting this as I am not very computer savvy. Been motorcycling all my life, but advancing years dictate the size of bike I can manage now.
Picked up a 1959 Guzzi Cardellino 73cc as a winter project to restore.
So will be looking for some help no doubt.


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Welcome Ken. Where are you based? I’m Bridgend

Welcome to the club Ken :+1:

Welcome Ken. You have something to keep you busy in the cold dark months then. Have fun :+1:

Hi Ken, good luck with the Cardinello, I have a ‘57 one under restoration at the moment.

Thanks for your welcome.
I live near Llantrisant .
I do visit the Llandow circuit cafe now & again, but not recently due to health problems–now resolved.
Apologies for late reply as I need help with the computer which is not always available.


Thanks for your greeting.
Good to hear there is another Cardellino owner on the Forum.
How far on is your rebuild?
I am waiting for new rims to be delivered, so the wheels can be completed.
Paintwork all done and I am in the process of making new stainless nuts & bolts.
Why did the manufacturers use such a variety of bolt sizes and thread pitches?
Struggling to locate a new tyre–20 x 2.5. Have you had any luck with tyres?
Everything seems to be available in Italy(obviously)but the postage costs are horrendous.
Maybe cheaper to book a bargain holiday in Italy and pick up the parts in person!
Will try and post some pictures when I work out how to do it.

Thanks again


Hi Ken,
Just rebuilt the engine, new piston & Conrad.
All bike parts painted. Will need new rims & tyres but I might get it running before then.