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I have just succumbed to Guzzi ownership again (it’s like a disease that just won’t go!).

I have bought a 2022 V7 Special, previously owned by Mr Lee Watkeys. It appears that he may be/have been a member of this club. So I was hoping to touch base and get a little history on the bike, if possible.

It went like a bird on the way home from Dudley, where I bought it.


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Hi Steve. Congratulations on the purchase and welcome to The Staffies. We have twice monthly evening meetings and regular weekday and weekend meetings too.
Looking forward to seeing you.

Cracking! Sorry for the late response. I don’t get on the site very often and, BOY, has it grown since I was last a member (2010?).

Hope to get over to see you.

Kind regards,

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Do you use other social media? We have a Facebook page and WhatsApp group.

Hi, I do use WhatsApp but rarely fb (since I had some sensitive info nicked!).

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Just opened a Staffies WhatsApp group yesterday. DM fir the link if you wish.