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Hello - just joined having bought a new V7 850 Special. First Guzzi but been riding for 40+ years. So far loving it. Not really used to bikes with much gadgetry so the ‘modes’ are still something of a mystery (what’s the difference between ‘Time’ and ‘Clock’?) but no doubt it will become clear…


welcome! we’ve definitely got some V7 850 owners here, so hopefully you’ll get answers to your questions. (o:

Clock tells you the time if it’s set correctly.
Time maybe refers to the length of time on that days journey.
Have you downloaded the Handbook yet ?

Thanks. I’ve got the owners manual that came with the bike, and I’ve found a service manual online but neither say much about the display info, definitely nothing about how to set the clock. Have you got a link to something more useful?

Sorry if you already have this :- I got it from the MG web site
Set clock
The clock time is set from the “CLOCK” function. Press and hold down the “MODE”
button to access the function. Each time it is pressed, the time changes. After reaching
12, the display goes back to 1 next time the button is pressed.
Press and hold down the “MODE” button to store the value and select minute adjustment
Each time the “MODE” button is pressed and quickly released increases or decreases
the minutes value by one unit. After reaching 59, the display goes back to 0 next time
the button is pressed.
Press and hold down the “MODE” button to exit the function. Alternatively, the system
exits the function once vehicle speed exceeds 5 km/h (3.11 mph).

If this is not useful let me know and maybe we can speak on the phone. 07986 394 556

You should be able to get the bike specific manual here.

Great thanks just what I needed.