New member with Galletto 175 looking for key

Hello All
I have recently joined the club. I have a Galletto 175 and a V50 II (neither currently running) and I am based in Twickenham. My Galletto is missing the key, and I wonder if anyone can help identify what type I need. The headlamp is a CEV as are the ignition and light switches as far as I know. I bought a key like the type 4 shown on but it is far too long. The key that I need must have a gap between the two protruding flags and the top (plastic) part as there is a sort of escutcheon that doesn’t rotate.
Key type 16 on looks almost right, but I think that the main shaft should be circular in section rather than flat. Does anyone have a 1950s Guzzi with this type of key?

Hi Marcus,
I have a 1956 Airone which has a CEV switch. I live on the edge of North London and I’d be happy to ride round to Twickenham with my key to see if it fits your Galletto .


I have a 50’s Ducati and got a new key from Marc Parfait, the Belgian guy who usually has a stall in the side hall at Stafford show. Having said that, it wouldn’t have been too hard to make one.

Hi Marcus,
I have checked my key and it looks just like the key #4 on the Guzzino web-site. The key length is 40mm. And here is a picture:

If you think this will work, I’m happy for you to try it.

This is the keyfor my Stornello that also has a CEV switch. The notch at the bottom moves a contact that connects the batery earth and also disconnects a wire that shorts out the ignition coil (that stops the bike when you remove the key.
The flats at the top turn the lights on and off

Hi, thanks for all your replies, and Richard, thanks for your kind offer to come and try your key. Unfortunately I don’t think it will fit! Because there is an escutcheon that doesn’t rotate, there has to be a gap between the head and the two taps which cause the mechanism to rotate. I have tried to upload a couple of images, but I think it may not have worked.
The key only actuates the ignition and has three positions, off, run and emergency. The lights are controlled by a separate switch. I don’t think that the key needs a groove near the tip, or a point, but I could be wrong.
I think I will probably try making one!

Hopefully these photos will work…one shows the lock and the other what I think the key should look like.

Sorry, can’t help with that one. A Google search for Galleto Chiave doesn’t show anything similar at all.
You could try asking on the Google Guzzi singles page, there are a few Galleto owners on there or the club faceook group. Adam Bolton comes to mind as being very knowledgable on older Guzzi’s.

I just happened to drop in and see this. Gallettos had headlamps made by Carello, CEV and Aprilia so it’s a case of seeing which one is yours, looks like a CEV. I currently have a 175 and it has a CEV headlamp so I’ll check what the second key looks like, here’s a pic.

Great, that looks exactly like mine (which is a CEV). Looking forward to seeing a picture of the key!

Hi - message me with an email address and I’ll send you a couple of pics, too much hassle to post up here, Adam.