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I’ve just bought a 1980 Convert, my first Guzzi and my first foray into classic bike ownership - lots to learn as my mechanical knowledge is fairly basic. The bike seems to be in good nick for its age, with the usual patina you get with a 37 year old machine.
A couple of immediate observations;
Because I have lower back problems, how do you get these bikes onto the centre stand without doing yourself an injury?
The previous owner has removed the footboards by cutting through he supporting brackets (leaving the front brackets place), and replaced them with footpegs. It looks a bit messy, but to be honest, I think the pegs are probably more comfortable than the boards, but I am wondering how best to tidy things up.
Anyway, I am sure I will pick up lots of useful info here.

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Hi and welcome.
Basic mechanical knowledge is fine, the bikes are fairly basic once you find your way around them
Putting a Guzzi on the centre stand can be easy when you get the nack, Put the stand down, then put your weight on either the end of the protruding arm, or the rearmost end of the stand itself, to push down and let the bike roll back onto the stand. If the ground is reasonably smooth, it should go easily.

Hello and welcome!

Replacement bottom frame rails are rare second hand as the side stand on the Cali is so good everyone wants one!
If you want to go back to foot boards I would find an engineer to make you the replacement brackets and weld them on. If you are happy with footpegs, it would probably be better to cut off the front brackets and grind smooth the frame rail.

Enjoy the bike!

Thanks for the replies.
Regarding the footboards, I will ride the bike for a while before deciding what to do. My immediate inclination was to cut off and clean up the remaining brackets, but I think I will leave as is for the time being.

Sometimes standing on the protruding arm is counter productive. On some of them you end up trying to lift yourself as well - an excellent party trick of course, a bit like disappearing up your own b-side, but not good for bad backs. Just stand on the back on the curved foot. And as far as possible always use the prop stand instead.

Yes - push stand down with the ‘arm’ (a deployment aid only), so it’s touching the road (whatever) - should stay down while you move right foot onto the rear pointing foot of the stand - press down on that with boot whilst simultaneously pulling up back of bike, using the pillion grab rail. I always had a rear carrier on mine, so used the grab rail on that. I also needed to pull back on the lefthand handlebar as well but probably just me.

Sounds strictly like dance footwork :smiley:

Certainly was.