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Please could someone help me register an old 1953 Moto Guzzi Airone. It was a barn find and I have no paperwork at all.
I also have no idea when it came into the UK, so I cannot submit a Nova certificate.
Jef Walker

First, fill out a NOVA form which you can download from the website linked below. Send it off with a covering letter explaining that you don’t know when it came into the country along with a receipt for the bike if you have one, photos of the bike and a dating certificate which you can get from the club dating officer. After a week or so they will send you a NOVA letter stating that no duty is due. Next, download a V55 form and get the bike MOT’d. Submit the form with the proof of the bike’s age etc that they ask for and an inspector will come and check the bike is what you say it is. Then you can get an age related number plate and off you go. It all takes a while but is relatively straightforward and there are guides on the .gov website.


Thanks Nick,
Will do that.
Do you know the email address of the dating officer?
Jef Walker

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see: Member Benefits | Moto Guzzi Club GB

Thanks will do.

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Don’t do what I did when I had to go through the same procedure for my Airone. I googled ‘Dating Italian Singles’ None of the answers referred to motorbikes at all…


Thanks Roger,
Will bear that in mind.