New springs, just in time?

Coulda been worse…

Which bike are they off McF?

The centre stand on my Cali always needs a lift to make sure its up and I was wondering if my springs might be the same?

Off the Cali. They are meant to be stiff and need an extra lift, but the stand is meant to stay up, not bounce up and down!
Unfortunately I’ve just realised, after a lovely Sunday 90 mile jaunt, the stand must’ve had a little twist from that grounding: it’s worn a bit off the shoulder of a new tyre… :frowning:

Never seen that before ~ don’t get it, how rediculous ~ mine what I took off and cleaned during last year’s rebuild still looked like new (once all the crap was washed off) and were B’stards to get back on, so plenty ‘spring’ left in 'em and nothing wrong with the hooks. …? PS (edit): should mention they date from 1987 as bike didn’t have a mainstand originally so I had one put on when I bought it.
Mike H2014-09-21 18:12:18

Funnily I was looking at mine head on yesterday while it was the centre stand and it leans a bit to one side which was puzzling.

I guess a bit of a clean/fettle/check action is on for the winter!

tris2014-09-22 07:19:49

tris, the alli shoulder spacers wear which probobly cause that.Cheap and easy to replace.

As Ian says, this can be caused by wear, but if it’s ever been up on a full bike lift and lowered to the deck a bit too fast then the inertia of the weight of the bike on the centrestand can easily bend one or both of the legs. I speak from experience…

Aha - that makes sense - Cheers