New Starter Motor and Solenoid Valeo Type

Sorry if this is somewhere else but I couldn’t find anything.The Bosh starter on my Spada Died in a fairly terminal way even after having it professionally serviced. So, since I do a lot of mileage each year and around 4k of that is in the EU I bit the bullet and bought a new Valeo one from Gutsbitz. It worked fine for about 1000 miles and then the solenoid jammed up. Gutsibitz were good and replaced it without quibble (tho it cost nearly £30 to sent it back). Fitted this one and sure enough after about 1500 miles it started to do the same thing. In the middle of nowhere in France or on a mountain pass in Switzerland this is not fun. Yes I know you souldn’t, but I’ve had to kick it with the toe of my boot to free it off about twenty times in two weeks on our hols.Has anyone else had similar problems with the Valeo starter? Gutsibitz say they have never had the problem before. One I could understand but two?

Is it the “lighter” Valeo one that spins faster? It may not be suited to your Spada.

I don’t know, it is the one they supply for the Spada.

Mmm - Valeo D6RA is fitted to 1100 Sportie - might be talking boll oxes. I had it in my mind (fallible) that the Valeo units whirred faster than the old Bosch units. You might find that a Pug dealer will do the D6RA cheaper - I could check the number of teeth on mine if you want. Where does the 8207 number come from?
Try Cliffords of Brighton?Mad Farquhar2013-07-08 15:03:28

The bosch are a lot better and also i think offer more torque
better to get the bossch unit repaired or get a second hand one repaired

(Did i do this bosch one for you if so i am will ing to have a look at it for you)

sorry it comes from reference from Gutsibits The starter is here:,%20Convert,%20T3,%20T4,%201000%20SP,%20Cali%202&Cat=ELA&CatName=Electrics&spPage=7#topbar

Do not worry your reputation is intact. It was a place in Exmouth. I got then to recon it because it was getting tired. all fine and dandy until thrust washer disintegrated… then they rebuilt it and it packed up again getting very hot so presumably windings had gone. So thats why I paid a vast sum for the new replacement.

If you still have it and want to spend on it the bosch ones are totally rebuildable inc the windings I would be willing to assist

Valeo DO have problems bud. Had the Bosch on the V1000 ,38 yrs had it refurbished once then got another real cheap on e-bay…I did buy a Valeo one but it didn’t seem to like turning the V1000 over hated the racket it made so I re sold it for what I paid to a Guy with a newer guzzi, it has been all good for the last 4 yrs.

The older bikes often need to churn over a bit more than the newer FI bikes and the Valeo really does NOT like that at all whereas the Bosch you could use it as a separate gear it happily churns over a carb bike till it either


I think the Valeos are actually supposed to be more powerful than the Bosch units?
Principle difference AFAIK is that the Bosch has all coils whilst the Valeo has permanent magnets - these jam the thing when they fall off the inside of the casing (they are only glued in). Normally takes longer than a few thousand, though - my last one on the BMW lasted nearly 50K miles, but I knew it would go eventually. Problem was it let me down on a very windswept motorway in north Holland. They can sense these places you know…

Gutsibits have offered to replace it AGAIN if it proves to be fault after I have sent it back. They did ask me to check the clearance between the starter gear and ring gear???not sure that is possible without cutting holes somewhere. Going to take starter off of spare bike for now and get Ex-smoking to redo my old one.

For those with problems with the Valeo starter, I have heard brilliant reviews of a company in the states that does an upgrade of the Valeo unitEuro Motoelectrics, ( They
sell a new improved motor housing, with better magnets, better glue,
and spacers between the magnets,Cost £26.00, €55 including postage. Might be worthwhile mentioning this to Gutsibits.

Don-Spada2013-07-11 22:57:00


The Valeo is geares so spins faster great for the FI bikes but they will not stand a long churning, gets them hot and then they let go of the magnets.

Well that is what I was told

The Bosch uses a different system BUT and more importantly on a cold morning with a Carb bike, they WILL stand a fair amount of churning over.

For the V11+ maybe the Bosch will not be a good idea BUT the cali/and certainly the 750 range it will work a whole lot betetr than a Valeo I recon

The Bosch one on the V1000 was 30+ yrs old before it needed a refurb.