New Stelvio owner

Evening all

Just thought I’d introduce myself. Picked up my first MG yesterday, a red Stelvio. It’s got a few issues which I’m going to sort and then use it to tour on.

I’m based in Bucks so will hopefully meet up with the Bucks members soon.

Bike has a ‘tappety’ sound on left cylinder so will need to get cams/valves looked at but I knew that when purchasing - anyone recommend a mechanic near me that’s reliable?

Also anyone any idea on paint codes as the red (and silver) need some touch up.

Any advice/knowledge gratefully appreciated.


Hi. Welcome. Where are you based?

There will be a few knowledgable people on here that will pint you in the right direction. In Yorkshire Jason at 1921 moto is the man.

Hello and welcome. What year and model Stelvio is it? All Guzzis are a bit tappety it’s when the top end stops making a noise that you have to worry!

There is a dealer in Westcott Bucks “On your bike” but I have never used them myself. I’m sure someone from the area will be able to give you a better heads up. For service I use Baldrick in South London or Newcombe Bros in Chelmsford, Essex.

I hope you enjoy your bike, I have had my Stelvio for 10 years from new and love it!

Best wishes Chris

Evening all

It’s a 2008 bike. Done 27k and has a few scrapes etc which I intend to tidy up over the summer. One pressing thing tho is the headlight (left) is cracked - can you get replacement lenses or do I need a whole new unit? Anyone know?


They are one piece. 244 euros from stein Dinse

I should try Gutsibits or Pete at Reboot Spares