New To Brand - Oxford

Hi all, new here and new to the brand - just purchased a V7 Classic and love it ! Lucky enough to have 3 other bikes but the V7 is so different and looking forward to learning lots about everything ‘Guzzi’ - Regards - Mark


Welcome, Mark. Look forward to seeing you out and about - there’s an ‘Oxford Meet’ at Red Lion, Cassington on 2nd Sunday of each month, but at this time of year the ‘fair weather riders’ (that’s me, I admit it) might be waiting for some warmer, drier days! There’s a handful of V7’s around the Oxford area, so the knowledge is out there, if you need it. Enjoy!

Thank you Barry :+1:

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you will be made very welcome, most of the members arre like me, ancient
but we all love Guzzis
Jack usually brings along something unusual inside his mobile tardis
I ride a tired old breva as does Ian
and in cold weather they have a nice warm fire
we arrive at 1pm and usually leave about 4 ish

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Thank you - looking forward to it