New to Guzzi and some Issues with my Norge 2v

Hi Everyone, I took the plunge and bought my first Guzzi a 08 Norge 2v. 36 k not bad condition for year and miles. Full luggage etc.
Rode it 300 miles home, biggest complaint was seat to pegs is tight. But air hawk mage it better.
I’ve orders a Corbin seat secondhand from eBay in NL, UPS have has it for a month :rage::rage:

Anyway hers the issue. When the tank gets Low it starts to splitter like it’s running out of fuel ,
On acceleration and conks out when coming to a stop.

Gauge showed just under half and I filled it with another 15 ltrs/ then the bike ran absolutely fine.
When it conks out start on the button first time always.It g

I must have had about 2 LTRs in it when it was dying on acceleration I put about another 4 and it only died coming of the throttle.
Fit 15 in it no problem . I
Is their a low fuel sender or low pressure thing in the pump?
Anyway I hope it makes sense , any help would be great.
Ps I’ve always wanted a Guzzi and this is the first, power is lovely handling lovely . Prefer the engine to a BMW,

A low

Hi, my son had a similar type of problem with his 2 valve Norge. (his would occasionally stall whilst ticking over and then would not start at all) It turned out to be a collapsed rubber pipe in the fuel pump/filter assembly. I would suggest you remove the assembly (it is inside the tank) and check it out. Whilst it is apart replace all the rubber hoses and filter even if it is not the obvious problem.

Hope this helps


If you do delve into the tank, change the filter whilst you are in there if it is one of the half metal, half plastic ones that swell up and fail.

All of the above, it will after all be 14 years old this year. Purely IMO of course. :smiley:

It should not have the split metal/plastic filter at that age
I would check whether the tank breather pipes are blocked first
there are usually two leading into the fuel cap, one to allow water to drain, the second to allow air in as fuel is used up
where abouts in the country are you ?
I know a good motorcycle engineer near Oxford
often quicker tp pay a professional rather than waste time playing with things