New to me.....1200 Sport

Hi Guys been riding a Ducati Multistrada for the past 6 years clocked up 112,000 miles so thought it was time for a change …picked up this 1200 Sport from Durham and rode it home to Christchurch today…not going to miss the Mutley

good bullet proof motor just strip the suspension linkage and grease it as Guzzi forgot to p.s the needle rollers are loose so take care 8 Valve Eagle2014-03-07 20:03:03

When I checked it over I did notice a small amount of movement in the wrong direction, I’ll get onto that.

A hugger of some sort helps keep the crud off those linkages.

great bike ,enjoy I remember the days I did that kind of mileage ,now its just work

I’ve got one ,an 07 plate and I love, it even more since fitting a set of Tuono handlebars --they are a straight forward replacement , and for me make it
more comfortable [ not so much of stretch now ] , I’ve also fitted a Quill exhaust can and now it sounds like a big twin should + it looks better. Don’t do high mileages these days , it’s more of a sunny day toy ,the Honda does the big miles .But I get more smiles per mile from the Guzzi.

I am slowly getting used to the bars, very different to the Multistrada and like you say the silencer could do less of a good job, though this one crackles a beaut on over run.
Any pics would be appreciated, I like these good ideas.

If you are in Christchurch, you are just down the road from Dorset Bikes at Wareham…used to be MotoSport and Shaun + Luke are pretty good at servicing them. that is where mine goes

Very nice indeed. I am sure that is one of the bikes I was looking at recently when deciding on a Guzzi. The weather while I was at home on leave was one of the reasons I couldn’t get up to Durham and I couldn’t get a reasonable insurance quote.

Otherwise you might not have been owning your lovely bike this moment

Enjoy your new partnership

There is another in Hemel Hepstead but for 5k with bags and half the mileage of mine…there are only 15 in the country

DEFINITELY…and put a Quill or similar on, if not done!