New to my california 3

Hello everyone.
Im Connor. New here and just got my california 3 home. Imported from the Netherlands ( what a trip that was. A story for another day )

Working through the import paperwork and finally got it figured out that i need to Mot on the vin before i can register. ( dvla is not very clear online and easter holidays/ Industrial action slowing things considerably)

Now i know what i need to do for the legal stuff, i just have a couple of small issues to sort on the bike. Leaky fork seals and a crap front brake.
I can do myself. I think the brake piston may be a bit seized so that should be an easy fix.
The fork seals. Ive done a few bikes but never this one. Anything i need to know? Or is it just straightforward? Any advice greatly appreciated.

And does anyone know where i can get a workshop manual for this bike?

Thanks in advance

Connor ( a very happy boy)

Hi Connor - and welcome! Hopefully someone will be along soon with the technical info you need. I know that on my T3 and previous 1000SP “leaky seals” aren’t quite the concern that they might be on other machines, because the forks contain a “sealed cartridge” for suspension and just a nominal amount of oil for lubrication - traditionally, of course, a fork leg will have a larger, measured amount of oil for suspension/rebound purposes and in that case the seals are vital for functionality. Of course, not all MOT men know this … just as they don’t necessarily all understand ‘linked brakes’ (o:

As for the brakes, well of course you need them to be on point - hope it is, as you say, just a bit of seizure from a period of standing,

Either way, hope you’re all sorted and legal soon and enjoying the good riding weather that is surely just around the corner!

Edit: oh! Workshop manuals - some online (Cali 3, I think, comes in a few variants?) - but try the following:

And put Gutsibits in your contacts list: (other suppliers available).

Hi and welcome. I also have a Cali 3, a 1988 model.
The front brake should be very good. Mine has a later model Brembo master cylinder fitted. I would suggest going through the seals etc to make sure everything is good, plus a new braided hose if it is the old rubber one still fitted.
As for the fork seals, you should be able to leave the stanchions in the yokes and just drop the lower sliders off. Have a read of the manual in the link above.

Hello fellas

Thank you very much for the welcome and the advice.

Downloaded and printed the manual and ive ordered the guzziology book so i have the info

Ill order the bits this evening and hopefully get at it next week.

Thanks again



Looking at photos online, it appears to still use the Brembo P8 calipers, if so, and if the pistons are the original bare steel, they have a nasty habit of seizing up if gone rusty. A popular mod is (or was) to replace them with teflon coated alloy pistons. Not a half hour job as you might imagine. Seized piston can be a bear to get out if really stuck in there.

Like Barry said, don’t think a MOT tester is going to pass a leaky fork slider even if he knows it’s not the actual damping fluid, might get away with an advisory. Of course we’re assuming this model has the sealed damper version.

Hey again.

Yeah the forks have seals and dust caps. No cartridges in there.
Ive ordered up replacements and ill do the job right before visiting the mot centre.
They are state run over here and can be picky so its best not to chance it.
Ill get that piston off for a nosey soon too.

Thanks again


The Cali 3 came out in 87 & I think all caliper pistons were alloy rather than the old steel ones by that time.


Thanks Don, can still stick if not been looked after. I would want to make sure they are free and put a smear of Brembo grease arond the edge.

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Ah. Where in the world are you? Apols for assuming, then, that you are UK-based and recommending Gutsibits to you. ((o;

Oh i am uk based. But across the water in Sunny Northern Ireland.

Gutsibits will work great.


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