Newbie looking at a V7

Hello everyone, Went last week to Teasdales and sat on a Special.But I’m undecided on whether to get the Stone instead.I have met The North East branch some time back and one of them kindly came to my house so I could look at one.It’s taken a while to get myself moving after a MIJust thought I’d say Hello.

and hello to you, good question, me and fellow forumista Scousus Maximus were eyeing those two in Teasdale’s at the dealer night earlier this month. They are both very well presented machines but dynamically I would have thought near identical. SM has got the newer model, perhaps he will comment.
Either way you got a nice bike


Hi and welcome to the forum.I got the Stone because I prefer alloy wheels on the 6 monthly wash and I also found I couldn’t see why the Special (at that time it just had a yellow or red paint job, not the nostalgic one they have now) was about £300 more expensive. It’s all down to personal taste but as Phil says, you do get a nice bike either way. I had a Lambda Sensor problem on mine from new and it was a right b4stard to find the cause (bad crimping on the connector plug giving intermittent go/no go) but Andy and the lads at Teasdales stuck at it and eventually got it sorted. They also got me a new silencer on warranty as the one that had the dodgy Lambda had dis-coloured badly and looked pretty naff. So a good local dealer too, what more to ask?Hope to see you at either of the top RHS branch meetings.Regards,John

I’ve got a v7 demo while my bike is in for it’s service. It’s so easy to ride, makes you relax and take in the scenery.

I got my Stone on May the 9th and have put 3200 miles on it. It is easy on the eye, wallet and road. Aftermarket items I put on were heated grips, an Optimate tail and a iPhone 4 Ultimate holder. No screen as the bike looks better without any of that claptrap IMO. Ortlieb throw over panniers carry the swag. EBC HH pads transformed the front.
ABBA stand kit hubs for a Duc Multistrada arrived today and trial fitted ok so winter exploration can proceed.

I also looked at the Special and then thought - why? It might be worth more in 20 years time like a 1000SE. Right now my Stone is THE tool for re-discovering Highland roads not traversed for 20 odd years and which I wouldn’t even consider with any others in my stable.

Things to change for 2014 1) rear shocks (inadequate), 2) back tyre (worn out).

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I’m going down to Thirsk tomorrow for another look.I was actually looking to put a little bikini type screen on it.

What ever floats your boat.

Did the deed at Teasdale today. White V7 stone, centre stand, rear rack, front screen, lower gel seat, front fenda extenda.Arrives next week.

Yea agree the White is a great looker. Try it in six months without the screen and it’ll be like getting a new bike again.