Hello all

I’ve just joined the forum (there is no “formal” introduction section is there? I know some sites like folk to introduce themselves before posting).

Anyhow - I’m considering buying a Stelvio and I came across this site while trying to get some background on the bike. It was here that I learned of the cam-follower issues, which has made me a bit wary. It’s a great site – fantastic source of info!

There is no dealership anywhere close to me (seems to have been several different dealers over the years). I’ve looked at 3 Stelvios locally; one a 2009 model, the 2 others are 2011 models. I’ve had a quick run on one of the 2011’s and in general I liked it, although despite being a low mileage bike and the dealer saying the cam and follower had been changed, there was still a noise from the top end of one cylinder when I got back from my run.

The 2009 Stelvio has been up for sale at a dealers for more than a year; clearly there is no market here for them and various people have tried to put me off saying the lack of dealer support/difficulty getting parts and the obvious difficulty the former dealers have had in selling these bikes suggests a lack of interest or perhaps lack of confidence here amongst the buying public, would mean if I bought one I’d probably be stuck with it.

Despite this, I still like them. I had a run on a BMW R1200R but I found the Stelvio had much more character than the beemer (and I just don’t like the GS variant). I guess I’m just nervous after hearing/reading the potential problems, but the lack of dealer backup is a concern. I suppose if they were cheap I’d be tempted to take a chance but to me they are all relatively expensive.
Am I being overly paranoid?

Might be worth putting your approximate location up. There may be non “main-dealer” support available to you.

Hi, Stelvio are a good bike. As with the GS You mostly hear about the negative on forums. I have had two Stelvios. A 2009 and Currently a 2011 .this one I have ridden nearly 60,000 miles. Not been trouble free, BUT always got me home. Be sure you have a full service history. Most of the small established dealers are enthusiastic and ride bikes them selves. They understand the bikes. Come along to a meeting or camping weekend get to know the bikes and the riders you will be surprised.

Welcome indeed! let us know where in the country you are and we can suggest some local contacts for you.

Hi Dylan,

Get yourself an actual 2011 model (ie built in 2011 not registered in 2011). It will have a roller cam engine with no cam follower issues. Engine number will begin “AC” and the bikes can be distinguished by the 6 bar fuel gauge (as opposed to 4 on earlier models) the 12V outlet on the left side of the fairing and (provided it is 2011 and not later) the 90th anniversary badging on the tank.

Good luck! I love mine more every time I ride it!


Thanks for the replies and info (some good points there Richard - I’ll bear those in mind). Good to hear you’ve clocked a decent mileage too Dave (always encouraging). I’ve had an Suzuki 1200 Bandit from new with almost 65K on it (its been off the road for 2 years now, largely my own fault to be honest). Its been incredibly reliable. I had a 93 Harley Fatboy which I sold before the summer and despite having less than 25K on the clock, it was a real money pit - I spent more on that bike in 4 years than I ever spent on the Bandit in 14.

I live in Northern Ireland by the way; I’m sure there are people who could work on the bike if it were nescessary - it is more the absence of an authorised dealer that was an issue for me (I just imagined they would be better placed to source parts etc).

Anyhow, thanks again!

There is a Northern Ireland branch also Dylan…I think Branch news is something else you cant see as a non member…x

Actually, you can. Very handy, being on the forum as a non-member for those of us with several different bikes and cars. I could easily be in 8 different clubs (am in 3 anyway) without duplication!

Welcome to the forum Dylan, there are a couple of guys in Fermanagh who have Stelvios although I don’t know if they are members, and I also saw a copper coloured one about the Holywood Arches a couple of weeks ago. There may still be one for sale in the South on the Done Deal site. There are a few members who meet up occassionally about the Kings Head in Belfast so we will maybe see you there. James

Thanks Guykate - I’d seen the regions/branches section and checked out the NI & Eire branches (I could see them as Bondequipe pointed out).

Hi James - I did see the Stelvio for sale in Donegal; bit pricey I thought for 2010? I know the Kings Head although I’ve never been in it (I work in Belfast but live in Co Armagh), but be good to chat to a few owners.
Cheers for now

Hi Dylan , twice last week I saw a blue on blue California travelling on the M1 about Dungannon. There are guzzis about but much rarer than Harleys or Bm’s.

Hi Dylan,
Like yourself I’m new to the forum,but I have placed a post in the Stelvio vs GSA thread of the “which bike should I get section”

I was also a little apprehensive about purchasing a marque which by many is perceived as antiquated poorly finished and problematic.

But after 25yrs of buying with my head I decided to buy with my heart and traded my poorly finished and problematic 2013 R1200 gs wc for a 2014 Stelvio NTX.

The bike was purchased from Teasdale Motiorcycle in Thirsk North Yorks and was a pleasurable experience,Andy the owner is a very helpful guy.

To say I’m loving this bike is an understatement,it’s the most soulful and engaging bike I’ve owned and ridden for a long long time.

The finish looks superb and I know it’s only 3000mls (1500 of those mls where fully loaded and ridden fairly hard) but it hasn’t missed a beat nothing has come loose or fallen of and it’s used not a drop of oil.

A bit of time spent sorting the suspension to your individual needs pays dividens and I would say that the Stelvio’s suspension is better suited to me than the 3k worth of elecktrickery suspension on my old gs.

If at anytime anything does go wrong and I’ve got to wait a little longer for spares,then so be it,I like this bike so much I’m prepared to accept it.

As an aside I was talking to a guy in Ullapool last week who was from Gallway,he’d bought his “Norge” from Thirsk 4yrs ago,it had 36k on the clock he’d had no problems with it and it was in great condition.

I just find it hard to understand why we don’t see more Guzzi’s on the rode,having said that it has taken me 42yrs to discover them.

Hope you find a Stelvio you like and enjoy.


Hello and welcome to the forum Wrinkley…

Hi Wrinkley - thanks for the info - glad you are having a good experience with your Stelvio!

I agree on the buying with your heart philosophy - a motorcycle should instill a bit of passion!

Buying any Guzzi is an affair of the heart, for sure…but when you look at the comfort, adaptability, tank range and relative ease of maintenance you could argue that you buy a Stelvio with your head too :slight_smile:


Good argument there Jon