Newtronic Electronic Ign, repairs

Anyone know anyone who can repair a broken Newtronic Elect Ign unit, it is a MG2 unit for the smaller Vtwins. a phone number and/or a e-mail adress please.

Newtronics can and they are in Southwark in London.Â
Google them. I am heading that way tomorrow so I am.Â
Message or  better still email me as this forum doesn’t always work. Â


Many thanks for your advice, I did phone Autocar-Electrical (the company running Newtronic) and they were very helpfull, the unit I want, MG2, is no longer made but they can repair my unit, they are still making the MG1 unit for the bigger bikes. Cheers Bob

No problem Bob,
they are very helpful and I nip in and out every now and then.
This is not a shop they told me. But gave me the bits I needed.

the ( former) one&onlymin