Next Gambalunga (Nov/Dec 2020)

Due to circumstances beyond our control the next issue of Gambalunga will be a bit late, but it is coming and now doubt worth the wait.

Thanks for the forewarning and it’s always worth the wait. :+1:

Any update please?

I believe they are currently in Pennsylvania … being counted …!! Tony …

Latest update from Roger: They should be mailed out mid-week.

Cheers Uki

Fanx 4 D erect fig. :smiley:

No sign yet. :cry:

Ours arrived this Monday here in the south of France. I’m told that we ‘overseas’ were sent out first this time :smiley:

Cheers Uki

Joe and myself are thinking of suing the club for defamation of character regarding the picture on page 10.

Ours arrived today with some great reading. Thanks Roger.

Maggi n Phil

Landed yesterday thank you.

Just reading Gambalubemethingy. P13, love the wind-up by Peter Broker! :laughing:

Yep got mine. :smiley: