No Branch currently running - resurrected

Please keep looking, some solution might have been found!

Tim Hicks is still meeting up in Shepshed once a month, I think it is more of a general bike meet, but there are a few Guzzi owners that come along.
To be honest, we are spoilt in Leicestershire. I live in the South of the county and so the Northants meeting is only 15 miles down the road. The Warwickshire meeting is only 20 miles away from me near Nuneaton. I must admit, I haven’t been to either for a few years, general laziness to drag the bike out of an evening.
For those in the North of the County, there is the Nottingham branch not too far away.

Here’s the Facebook page for the Leicester group.

Tim Hicks has officially stepped. There wasn’t much interest.

Chris Judd and Alan Keill who have taken over the Warwickshire Branch are going to ‘incorporate’ the Leicester Branch to a joint Branch
(new name to be decided soon), with two meeting places similar to Notts & Derby Branch.

For info look at the Branches page of the Forum or the Club Website.

Cheers Uki

I went along a few times many years ago, but Shepshed is a pain to get to at the very top of the county, I live at the opposite end.
I must make an effort to get to either the Northants or Warwickshire meetings.

Tim Hicks has resurfaced on Facebook, so the rumours of his resignation may have been exaggerated! As Uki said “Watch this space!”

Tim has about 5 identities on facebook :wink: He can be a bit controversial on there at times

Tim Hicks has revived the Leicestershire Branch in May 2022.

Please look on the Club Website for more info