no indicators horn or flash .SORTED !!

Sorry to bother you chaps again. As the title says, I have lost my indicators, horn and flash . What do they share in common?
Standard lego switchgear. (I love it, some don’t, not going to change. )
 Headlights are working fine from the switch. Hazard lights don’t work either and they operate from the dash . Fuses look good.
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xtheone&onlymin2013-06-14 19:03:42

15 way connector or …look in the headlamp gubbins …after that look in the dash… as the feed links thro them all if I remember correctly.

The lego switchgear comes down to a connector block under the tank (or at least it is on a spada), right side of the frame close to the big multi block connector, I would start there, if you can identify the wires to the switch connections, try jumping a wire across the cables from the loom to see if you can get indicators or horn working. That would confirm or rule out a switch problem.

Fuses can look good but the fuse box ocasionaly requires maintenance.Pull out the fuses and clean both fuses and the connectors with contact cleaners.If you dont have a contact cleaner spray then a brass brush or similer but disconect the bty -ve or sparks will fly.

fixed it?

Thanks for your help so far. Will check out your solutions later on so I will. Did some wire wiggling to no avail.

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On the V1000 the 15 way goes to the headlamp and i find on mine when i get this sort of thing I have to take out the 15 way and clean it then re seal it with silicone IF that does not work I then take off the ehadlamp and find the wiring that equates to the indicators and undo the bullets and clean them.

If that fails then I go to the 12 way block…again on the V1000 into the headlamp. Byt hat time this kind of fault is sorted.

On a rare occasion it has been the bulletts to the rear cluster which on a V1000 are under the rear frame rail and under the rear fairing that hides all the wiring for the rear light, separate No plate light, indicators and a cluster of earths.

Only on a very rare occasion has it been the fuses and one time only wires had rubbed through where they go thro the frame nr the front of the tank.

I did not know the 15 way blocks were elsewhere on other Guzzis The V1000’s and T3Calis I have seen had them at the back of the headlamp, The V50 had them under the tank.

Learning all ze time Yaaa

That said IT being a Guzzi it will probably be fooling wit cha and be the switchgear… OR something COMPLETELY different

Hope this helps Min…so I do ! guzzibear2013-06-14 11:53:20

Now then, now then, avid readers .
If you had really paying attention to my previous sagas you may have remembered that during the depths of winter I did a quick fix to my loom behind the steering head.
Having taken all your advice today of cleaning fuses and connectors there was still no difference. OK tank off and see if I can spot something amiss with the loom.
Easy !! Big Red had pulled out of it’s temporary connector. Nasty scotchlock has cured it until Tuesday Morning in the front garden , where armed with some shiny new wire and my soldering iron, I will do what I put off doing. Well forgot to do to be honest. This time I have set a reminder on my phone so I have.

Tanks again peeps


on my t5 it was the fuse box itself that caused me problems .It had hairline crack and flexed which was making contact sometimes and other times no contact .That was a good one to find .

There y go mighty min sorts it yet agen …so he does …lol

This is what worries me Min. I am losing count of the number of temporary fixes on the bike. My right indicator lens is held on by black insulation tape (looks quite good actually!) I’m pretty sure it a temporary fix that I applied whilst the araldite cementing the mounting bolt post cured…I just can’t be sure!Richard632013-06-16 23:29:51