No of Teeth on V50 Flywheel

I wish to check the full advance timing on my V50 II. I was getting improbable results using a strobe gun where one can dial in the advance. Would you believe 20 Deg BTDC at tickover and 55 Deg at 5000 rpm on both cylinders. The bike does not start or ride in a way that these timings suggest. I checked the positioning of the electronic pick up and that lines up correctly at TDC on both cylinders. In fact I am the first person to have access to the pick ups since the bike left the factory judging by the unmarked screws holding the cover plate in position.

I now want to put a mark on the flywheel at 35 Deg BTDC but need to know how many teeth are on the flywheel ring gear. I think it is 90T so 9T before the TDC marks should be correct for full advance.

My understanding of electronic ignition is that it either works or fails. Is it possible that the advance curve determined by the control module can change?

I put a timing disc on the front of the crank. Then measured back the correct degrees and marked the flywheel with tippex (other markers are available)!
If you have an adjustable strobe you can compensate for full advance

Thanks SCMGuzzi. I marked the flywheel and am certain that the timing is correct. I had a ride on another V50 II which confirmed my impression that my bike is down on power. I will next check the carburettor settings but I am beginning to think the problem may be the pattern silencers as I know the baffles are loose. A compression test gave 170 psi on both cylinders.

Incidentally my bike was first registered in County Durham in 1980 and spent most of its life up there, but the only owner I know of was in Gt Lumley in 1998. There can’t have been many up there.

Hi Ian,
Gt Lumley is just up the road from me lol.
I got my bike from Scotland, a non runner. After spending twice what I wanted I’m very pleased with the result. The points base plate was damaged and bits were missing so I went with electronic ignition from the start.
I use the stock carburettor jets and settings and have no problem.
I used Keihan silencers, but I’ve had to get some quieter one from Armour. My bike is noticeably down on power without the baffles, ie., it needs the back pressure.
There are a few V50’s about but agreed, not many.