No spark Cali EV...

Have put a 1997 Cali Ev together, the wiring all seems to be working, the engine is turning over on starter button, but no spark at the plugs (when taken out and grounded).
Should I still get a spark if the flywheel sensor is faulty?

Is there anyway of testing ecu’s working?

Has that machine got a diagnostic led facility?

I had the same problem a year or so back, on the side of the ECU is a long plastic plug, move it from the ECU for a second and then replace it making sure it is a good tight fit, if that dont work remove and clean the pick up sensor putting a rag around the pick up sensor area in order not to lose the two small screws down the engine fins, all the above will cost nothing to do expect take up a few minutes of your time. and will help narrow down the cause.

Presumably with the ignition off!

Yes it has an led and diagnostic out… But will try the other stuff. Thanks for the help.

Unfortunately still nothing, am replacing coils and HT leads as a precaution…
Have already replaced sensor…

Should be two sensors, Crank and Cam, both need to be working. Unplug and test resistance with ohm meter, both should give the same reading near enough.

Yes both sensors give identical readings, just checked…

If it’s ECU controlled, does make sense that the ECU won’t make sparks if it doesn’t know the engine is turning.

one coil naff maybe but both? same with HT leads, have you tried swapping fuses and relays around, how are the other electrics, lights horn etc working ok??? you said you have already replaced sensor… I presume you mean the pick up sensor near the front of the engine left hand side, I have found that you do not get a new ‘o’ ring with new sensors , ( at least not from the Fiat parts place I use) hope you either fitted a new one or reused the old one, otherwise you will get oil leaking out on fire up.

does it run the fuel pump when ing is turned on,yes check kill switch,side stand switch,clutch switch,just bypass them,one at a time,no then its your fuel pump fuse,or realy,i reacon its kill switch

Kill switch seems to operate ok and so does sidestand (pump stops working).
Fuel Pumps running, on sartup and when trying to start.
Both RPM and Phase sensors working.
ECU has no fault codes, and is working (got readings on guzzidiag program).
Coils, HT leads and spark plugs replaced. Battery charged and nothing, might be time to take it to the garage, I’ve exausted my idea’s…

[quote=“thesubmachine”, might be time to take it to the garage, I’ve exausted my idea’s…[/quote]
before you spend any cash just swop the fuses and relays around again, remove tank and disconnect and then tightly reconnect any connections including ones from the Ducati reg/rect at the front of the bike make sure both spark plug caps are a good fit into the HT lead, it could be something very simple ,

What’s the previous history, was ignition working before this?

Have you got immobiliser on it?

No imobiliser, and yes ws previously working,
Have replaced half the wiring loom,the half that controls the injection system, so am going to try the old loom as was wondering if there’s a problem with new part of loom.

I have power to the relays for ecu and pump, was also wondering about power unit ? next to the air presure sensor going to check that before I change the loom back…

have you plugged sensor in the correct way ??? the loom side is markedÂ

Can you not Hotwire by running live straight to coil from battery,should fire up

Not if coils only connect via ECU connector!Â