no spark v11

hi All
just joined this site today,have posted a msg on the eire part of this site about a v11 sport i imported from the uk about 3 months ago…bike was going perfect up until the last time i parked it up…went to start it a week after the previos ride…would not start…would turn over,fuel injection kicks in…have diagnosed no spark to either plug,now in dire straights as i gave the bike to a guy who was reccomended to me …even though he has never worked on a guzzi before…big mistake…fear he might be doing more harm then good…guzzis are very rare over here…at the stage where i don’t know where to go or who to turn to for help
thanks in advance for any help given

new on here today…24/8/14
have a v11 sport with no spark to either plug…done a 120 mile spin…parked up…was running perfect…week later will not start,fuel injection sounds ok when i press the starter button…biggest prob is if your a guzzi owner in eire…not many people or places to turn to
any advice or help appreciated

Could be crank or cam sensor. If you’ve got a multi meter unplug sensors and check resistance. Think it should be about 700 ohms (for two wire sensor, not sure about three wire) if open circuit it’s no good.

Check the side stand switch as that could have become loose or dirty etc.

thanks guys…turned out it was a timing sensor