Noisy fuel pump Jackal

Hi, I picked up a low mileage Jackal at the weekend and all appears fine apart from an intermittently noisy fuel pump. First run out I could hear fuel pump over engine at a standstill and bike wouldn’t pull high revs/wide throttle. Checked connections, poked about a bit and it ran fine on next run. Tonight was ok on ride out (steady speeds) but on ride back (brisk) pump was noisy. I’m thinking fuel starvation. Tank looks clean but bike has hardly run in last few years. Perhaps the old fuel has left a jelly residue (which can happen with the bio fuel content these days). Any thoughts folks?

I had a Cali Special Sport that had exactly the same symptons. The noise was never permanent but just frequent enough to be worrying. The bike was well used and I tended to replace the filters etc at least once a year so really have no idea what the cause is. I always thought the noise had something to do with the pressure regulator but could never get to the bottom of it. Sometimes if I just turned the ignition off and then back on it would stop. Other times it wouldn’t and sometimes a few weeks would go by before it re-appeared.
This could be just a quirk of the fuel pump - I never had any problems with the fueling in the 3 years I had the bike and the bloke I sold it to has been using the bike for the last 12 months and hadn’t had any problems either up to a couple of months ago when I last bumped into him.

Not very helpful, I know, but it probably won’t be immediately expensive.



Thanks Stuart. Just turning ignition on and off appeared to do the trick tonight. My thoughts were it was starved of fuel whilst I was “making good progress” due to some restriction, but on stopping and restarting fuel demand was low and sufficient was getting through. I will check the filter and tank for crap.

Have you tried running it with the fuel cap off to check the fuel cap breather isn’t blocked?

That’s a good point Mr Rocket. Had that problem on a Bonnie years ago. Will remove fuel cap next time it makes a noise.

The problem appears to have been cured with liberal doses of Redex and right hand.

I have had a few episodes of sudden death with my ev so decided to change the Crank sensor, while in there I realised that the fuel filter was nearly 3 years old so changed that, then noticed the crud in the fuel lines so changed them. Pig of a job. Then the front pads were a bit thin. Then the wheel bearings needed replacing. Will I get to the end of this…oh a new back tyre as well