Non firing Cali 1100i

I have a 94 Cali 1100i which was the victim of an attempted hot wire in January. I’ve repaired the wires but,.now she won’t fire and there is no petrol getting to the plugs either.

I have replaced the fuel lines recently and i know fuel is flowing as it emerges from the return hose when start is pressed.

I’ve tested the crank sensor and it works…is it worth disconnecting this and the camshaft sensor?

I’m worried I may have missed something obvious to the more tech minded Guzzisti.
I’m going to bypass the sidestand switch today. Any advice would be appreciated…
Mark, Scunthorpe

Sounds like pump is working so its not sidestand. Disconnecting sensors will confuse ecu. I would recheck wiring fuses and relays.

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Probably need to get the relays tested…

All the relays showing resistance. I’m fed up with it. Anybody know a decent auto electrician in the North Lincs, South and East Yorks area?

Possibly the theft attempt fried the ECU?

To test a relay, I’d put a 12vDC to terminal 85 and Negative to terminal 86. If you hear the click then its good; no click = duff.
On my machine the two relays towards the front (right most) are for the ecu and fuel system.

Don’t give up, think of the pleasure you’ll get when problem resolved.

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I"m going to need the thing tested. Is there an after market item I can buy or even borrow. I could remove it and take it to a local auto elecs.

All the relays showed around 100 ohms resistance but no audible click. Ill take a couple off and test them again today.

I’m not sure about the resistance but if you’re getting 100 Ohms then its not an open circuit. But the ‘click’ would be very distinct and you will feel it if holding the relay. As I said before, absence of the click = duff relay. One of the relays signals the ecu and triggers the injector and pump relay. If the ecu is not receiving the signal it wont trigger the ignition sub-system.

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Attempted hot-wire is a worry.

I have always considered my 1100i as “not worth nicking”, but clearly I am mistaken.

Then again, someone tried to steal the carbs from my son’s Spada 3 at Mallory 1000 Bikes - bike park. Sad reflection.

As for the non-firing, is the bike turning over? If so and the relays are OK then it suggests that the coils may be damaged. Usual continuity checks for that. Also check for stray earths. If the wiring has been strained during the hot wire attempts, then there may be breaks inside the insulation. Continuity checks again.

Wish you luck.