non oem heated grips

Morning all,
am I correct in saying that some non OEM heated grips can be wired into a Breva 1100 so the on bike controls can be used? If so anybody recommend which would be best ?No way can I justify over £200 for the official Guzzi ones!!!
Anyone in the Lincoln area looking for servicing on their guzzi’s I can highly recommend Phil at “V Duo” just off
Lincoln high street he normally does ducati but has been trained on guzzis nice guy and did a top job on my breva with a full service.
Lee C

There should be no problem with using an aftermarket heated grip, it’s only a resistive heating element after all. The only problem you have is connecting it to the existing wiring harness.Some grips run hotter than others, so choice is down to preference to some extent.

I bought Keis from 2 wheeled Junkie 30 mins to fit and they do them now and again for £19.99 NEVER yet had to use them on full power only the low setting.

IF you do get them FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS Especially the bit about fitting to the throttle side I DID have to use emery pad to run thro the throttle side so it fitted tight but did not have to hammer it on.

I used the spare “live” after re sorting the start relay on the V1000 (It leaves the ignition switched live spare Idea to pop to a relay for the heated grips that way they cannot be left on when you switch off the ignition they are off.