Non-operational indicators - T3

The indicators on my 1975 T3 have packed in. I was riding across the Pennines last night and first the front left hand indicator stopped working, then the right hand front, and finally the back two. The switch is working because the relay clicks when I move it to the left and the right. The relay only clicks once, however. I’ve checked the bulbs. They’re ok. The rest of the electrics are ok. Horn, flasher and headlamp. Any suggestions? Candles?bigsunburst2013-09-10 22:31:11

New relay get a higher o/p one I got a “Ring” 90W one for the V1000 they eat the basic relay BUT some wiring diags DO show 2 basic relays wired for some bikes.

99% certain it will be the flasher relay buddy, one click sounds like it mate.

If it was the flasher cans packing up then it would be all or nothing, sounds like a connection issue, but a bit of a coincidence they all have died, when everything is working. Do the early T3’s have a hazard warning switch, left side just below the clocks?

Sorry but I had a flasher can fail on hols and it clicked once then held on, new relay and all was well.

If the left and right are comming on but not flashing then the cct is fine it has to be the relay, a new one from a parts factor was £5.50 made by Ring, it is oblong BUT fits into the rubber holder and is 90W will handle the indicators/repeaters and hazards.

My V1000 has only 1 flasher can I know other bikes do have 2 wired in, I guess it depends on which cans they added Nowadays you can get flasher relays that will handle up to 120 W so should only need 1 of them. I think, (but I may be wrong) the double relays were so you could have hazards yet use the 2 basic 21x2+5w relay cans

Thanks guys for the pointers. After more fiddling about this afternoon it looks like you’re right Guzzibear. Apparently if the relay clicks once and once only its had it. I’ve ordered a new 17750520 but I’m going to try to find the Ring one as well. I’ve also ordered a complete set of spare bulbs. Any ideas of where to keep them as you’re vibrating along? The idea of luggage is becoming more appealing, just to store all the vital spares on long trips!

Well I only carry a spare bulb pack when touring , Got a small box with them if i bought in a sale it was a set of 2 indicator 1 headlamp and a couple of instrument lamp bulbs and 4 fuses.

I got the ring one from an auto factors in Bridgewater they did car and towing parts I will look for the part number tomorrow and pop it on non OEM parts

I got a electronic one for my Le Mans, it wasn’t that expensive either!

Any ideas of where to keep them as you’re vibrating along? The idea of luggage is becoming more appealing, just to store all the vital spares on long trips![/quote]
Used to use 2 off 10X150 mm strips of the dense grey foam from camera cases etc. Line the bulbs up well spaced out inside the foam, tape the 2 strips together with gaffer tape and attach to battery side or inside side panel with velcro strip, they will survive even the worst Guzzi vibes.Cheers, Gerry.

My lamp and fuse kit came in a box with foam spaces for each item it is small I keep it in the tank bag when touring, when just commuting I don’t bother

Replaced the relay today and the indicators fired right up. Again thanks for the good suggestions. I was pleased the relay fixed the problem. I wasn’t looking forward to a hunt for a dickey earth.

I’ll make up the foam carrier, as suggested by Duffo, or try to find or make a little foam filled box, as suggested by Guzzibear. Its dangerous enough wandering the streets on an old bike as it is, without giving our fellow (half-witted) road users an excuse by not having the right bulbs flashing at the right time. It must be a sign of being an optimist to carry a spare headlamp bulb.

I’m intrigued by the challenge of carrying small caches of vital spares along on the bike. When I used to race enduro bikes, most of the spares I used to carry were to mend punctures or do simple mechanical fixes. I used to carry a spare tube, tyre levers, small one-use air canisters (for soda fountains - can’t remember), spanners , pliers, lengths of gaffer tape, cable ties and large quantities of Nurofen (but that’s another story). The T3 is a completely different proposition. We’ve sorted out the bulbs. But what else? Mobile phone and RAC card for starters (not allowed on enduros!), small flat-headed screwdriver (not in the standard toolkit) for bulb changing. Probably the Nurofen. Torch. What else? bigsunburst2013-09-12 22:58:57

If you look around in some of the bike shops autojumbles car boot sales I bought my kit from a market in Ingoldmaeels for £2.99 it has a

Headlamp bulb
2x stop tail bulb
2x indicator bulb
1 idiot /pilot light bulb
3 fuses

all in a small plastic box with foam to hold them

I replaced what is needed and added 2 of the ceramic fuses and one of the micro relays from pyro Dan as they will work on the V11 OR as replacement start relay etc on the V1000 I am about to pop in a relay holder and wire it so the relays for

Heated grips
Spot lights
and horn

can be mounted and if needed easily replaced…

Dan’s relays are good quality and high apmerage as well as good value.

I carry tools in an old Mercedes car tool roll

13mm open and ring end spanner Covers 90% of nuts on the Guzzi
10mm for the gearbox end it has been used 2x in 20 yrs
a short 17-19mm fits the gearbox and bevel level
short 22mm fits the dip stick and bevel and gearbox fillers
Plug spanner
flat blade and x blade screwdriver the merc kit has a handle with different plug in driver ends very good and useful
a roll of black insulating tape

this has covered any nuts bolts loose but I rarley have needed it

I would add a spare pair of plugs, plug spanner and a plug cap - they are easily damaged if the bike falls over unless you have good crash bars fitted.

If, as you said in your original post, the FRONT LH indicator stopped, then the RH front, then later the bacl lights also stopped, then it is very unlikely this is a flasher relay fault. Much more likely to be a wiring issue somewhere, maybe arounf the switch itself?

Very much my thoughts. If the flasher unit had failed it would be all or nothing as it is common to front and rear, left and right.

Dunno about that when mine failed it did just that light on then stuck put anything under 90w flasher unit on it will not handle hazards the prev one was 120W but when it died after 9+ yrs i could only get a digital one rated at 60W the hazards killed it, gt a basic 90W one all good.

I do agree that sometimes the wires, especially the ones to the rear bulbs get horribly corroded, replaced all of those earlier this year the copper wire was black for most of the length from the rear to the joint under the seat.

Nowadays there are more than one type of flasher unit,I have taken an old tin round one apart when it failed and it had basically worn the contacts and fused it was a very old one tho’guzzibear2013-09-15 18:23:48