Norge 2 valver Panniers

My neighbour cannot detach his RHS pannier, the catch is stuck hard.
There is a nut holding the bracket on and then a rounded off nut, how do you get that off?

is this the lower pannier mounting plate? That has two fixings - a bolt and a Shear Rivet - part number AP8152140 size M6x17. I believe the shear rivet starts life with a hex end cast on and the bolt is tightened until the hex snaps off. I also believe similar shear/snap off screws are used to mount the ignition/steering lock in place. Joy to you.

I don’t know how you go about removing a shear rivet, the suggestion on a US Guzzi website is a diamond wheel in a dremmel to cut a slot - and be careful because a good fit for the screwdriver is essential - or a straight-fluted extractor. That’s what I read, not that I have tried personally. Hopeful your local Guzzi expert will know how to remove a shear rivet/security screw.


to avoid doubt, I should add the fastener is threaded.

like the igntion lock bolt this “tamper proof” screw is a security feature

other removal solutions include drilling a small hole in the head and hammering a (sacrificial) Torx driver in said hole, and there are specialist tools for mangled bolt heads which are used to remove shear bolts from car steering columns, might work - look up Irwin Bolt Grip Remover 10504635. Seems these things work best starting with the smallest feasible size to cut into the offending bolt head.

I’ve not tried to remove shear bolts so this is not a recommendation.

Tony :ugeek:

Cheers, yes it seems that Guzzi have seen fit to make life difficult for a mechanic, whereas a thief will not be bothered.
Stupid and we don’t have the tools.
What I had considered was removing the battery and then welding a nut to the outside of the shear nut, if we had a welder that is.
Professional help is almost certainly going to be required.

The Sheer bolt on the panniers… removal as follows
Small air grinder with cutting disc or dremmal with disc cutter, cut slot for flat blade screw driver bits, shape slot to bit. Use 1/4 drive type with ratchet etc
Should come out with a little force…
I replace mine with M6 torx type headed bolt…
That what worked for me…

Thanks Wits, I shall pass that on.