Norge 2V warm start issue

I have recently had a couple of warm starting issues on my Norge. It starts fine from cold, even after being left for a couple of weeks, and if you stop it and then restart hot, there is no issue. The problem has been when it has been stopped for a few minutes. Initially it will fire up, but then stops immediately, and then the start button has no effect. You can turn the ignition off , and then it might fire again and then stop. Eventually it will start, seemingly when a bit cooler. Once or twice I saw the red triangle warning light flash on the dash as it stopped, and once I saw a symbol saying ECU with a representation showing an electrical plug disconnected. I am guessing there might be a dodgy connection to the ECU, but on looking at the manual I am not sure where the ECU physically is on the bike.

Any ideas?


Just want to know where the ECU is, do I have to take the tank off to see it?



This drawing seems to indicate that’s where it is. It’s No. 2.

Yes thanks. I’ve had a look at a few more pics in the manual and it seems to be mounted just behind the headstock. Will have a look tonight and see if I can get to it.