Norge 4 valve exhaust silencer.

Can anyone recommend a replacement for the standard Norge Silencer. The original has a crack near the mounting and it also came apart at the engine end, I have weleded it but the engineering standard of the Norge original part is crap.
I don’t want anything too noisy as I use it for touring. A deeper rumble would be nice.

I thought yours was a 2V Pete, or have you traded up?

I put a Quill on my 1200 Sport. They are cheap and functional and look/sound OK, but I had a few issues with them as they kept sending an incorrect linking pipe. It was OK in the end though. Jim Blomley who used to race a Guzzi runs the company up near Wigan.

If money is no object I think the Agostini ones are very nice. Gutsibits sell them although to order.


Hello Jim,
it’s the same bike, it’s got 4 Valves, two in each cylinder. I get confused easily. Thanks for the note. I’m looking at that silencer and it seems a good one. Cost is a bit irrelevant, quality is what matters.(Why did I buy a new Guzzi then?). Methinks I will order one but I may be touring in June.

If you’re interested in an original silencer I’ve got one available.