Norge 8V Fuel Tank Removal

I am a new first-time Guzzi owner. When removing the fuel tank the official MG workshop manual instructs you to disconnect the fuel pipe connector mounted on the underside of the tank (presumably attaching to the fuel pump). This appears to be some type of quick release connector but its not clear to me how it comes off and I don’t want to tug hard on it as the fuel pump elbow it attaches to is make of plastic. Can anyone advise me how to disconnect it? Twist, pull, squeeze? Thanks in advance.

I believe it won’t come off until you release the internal pressure, so need to unplug the fuel pump then try to start the bike. Someone else will be long to corroborate, or not.

Then need to push on something (an outer ring?) to make the hose disconnect. There is or was a YouTube video of it too.


I’ve never had to release the internal fuel pressure. You must pull back and hold back the little grey collar and, at the same time, smoothly move the fitting towards the elbow and back again. There isn’t a click to indicate that it’s free.

Here’s a video - I don’t know he gets two hands in there!

I think I would go with Mackers’ solution

Thanks for your responses. The You tube is pretty clear - push pipe and pull connector. I can see the sense of reliving the pressure first as was suggested. I can get two hands in there by putting a block of wood on top of the airbox to hold the tank up.

Or splash out on a set of these

You only need the green ones but they allow you to squeeze and pull at the same time … which is nice :wink:

Thanks Tris. I wasn’t aware of such a tool.

Strewth, they think of everything!