Norge 8V White Colour

My Norge needs a new fairing panel. The bike is an OEM pearlescent white colour (with a sort of fine metal flake in sunlight), but the only white colour option on the MG parts list is not the same, its a flat white colour like the colour a police bike would be. I returned the panel to the dealer who is clueless and has simply emailed the VIN number to Piaggio for advice (who are on summer holiday so no response). However the RS Paints website lists the MG colour as White Diamond Pearl which sounds right, do they know something my dealer doesn’t? This is not an option on the parts list.Does anyone else have a pearl white Norge, seen one, or come across a similar problem ordering coloured parts?

RS Paint were the only people who could supply the pearl white to match my X10, where nobody else had anything. So worth a try. Not cheap mind, 3 layers 2 different coats and a lacquer. HTH

Does anyone else out there on the forum have a pearl white Norge?

No, but my old mark 4 Le Mans was pearl black and white, so they have used Pearl white on other models before if that’s any help.

There were white Norges when the 8v was first available. The MCN review shows one and I’ve seen one or two, but Guzzi change their colour options from year to year so there many not be many about. Might it be the same white as lots of Grisos? I guess now the Norge is out of production the fairing panels are supplied in flat white to be sprayed whatever colour the owner needs/wants.

Thanks for your replies. I am guess I am in the hands of my (non-responsive) dealer to tell me what the situation is.