Norge ABS light on brake light not working

Hi, just replaced the battery on the Norge and have found that now the ABS light is remaining on and the brake lights don’t work for either front or rear brake. I am thinking maybe a connection the rear light, although the main rear light is on fine. Have checked the ABS fuses.

Everything else seems to be fine.

Any ideas?



If you’re not getting the Brake Lights (LEDs) coming on with either Brake, then it’ll most likely be the Connector Plug at the rear.
It may be enough to just disconnect and reconnect it, but check the Pins/Sockets for corrosion while it’s apart.

I’ve heard of this a few times on different CARC Models.

Thanks. In fact I found I had missed off one of the terminal leads to the battery which powered the ABS so that fixed that problem (Doh!) but then found the brake light still not working. Had a fiddle with various connectors and it suddenly started working again. Don’t know what I did exactly but fingers crossed!

Bike all fine and dandy and nowhere to go…