Norge clutch thrust bearing

After a loss of clutch pressure on my Son’s 2010 Norge, we dismantled the rear end and removed the slave cylinder to find that the thrust, roller bearing looked like it had disintegrated. So far, we have found it impossible to remove the remains of the bearing and the push rod. This should all come out to the rear, but we have made a little spigot, glued it to the bearing and rod end and tried to ‘jack’ it out using a plate and an M5 thread in the end of our spigot. The adhesive (epoxy resin) has failed each time, but the mechanism hasn’t moved. The bearing and rod both turn freely but wont come out. Any ideas would be appreciated.


If it’s anything like the old Tonti bikes, gearbox off then push it out from the front. As there are seals on the pushrod so it’s a bit tight.

Ah! That makes sense Mike. The seals are probably holding it alright, and there is no way of getting a squirt of oil in there to ease them a bit. I was hoping to avoid having to take out the engine to get the gearbox off, but it looks like it’s coming to that so.

I think so, as you’ve found, nothing to get hold of to pull it. A case of no shortcuts I’m afraid.

Upon further investigation it is now obvious that the bearing cannot possibly come out towards the rear. The bore, through which we can see the remains of the thrust bearing, is 22 mm in diameter, but increases to 24 mm about 20 mm in. While the outer washer of the bearing assembly is 22 mm and came out, the bearing race is a standard 24 mm item and is in the larger section of the bore. So, not just engine out, but gearbox split to get the stupid thing out. V e r y tempted to either open out the bore to about 30 mm and bush it 24 mm from outside or source an off standard 22 mm o.d. bearing and put it in on top of the old skeleton.Once I get over the frustration though, we’ll do a proper job.


At this point am out of my depth as never seen anything like that.