Norge Dashboard Alarm light

The dashboard alarm light on my 2008 2v norge is flashing with the ignition off and key removed. The bike starts ok and the alarm light is extinguished with the engine running. No alarm codes are indicated. Service icon is also not indicated. If anyone else has experienced this and has a solution I would be most grateful for any pointers. Thanks Gary

I think it is supposed to flash. It indicates the alarm is set.

You can turn it off if you want to, via the dash settings. I have done this, to avoid any battery drainage when the bike is not used for periods.

Do you have a manual? It will tell you how to go through the settings.

It has only started today. Never seen it before, but I will follow up on your advice. thanks for the tip

Hi Jim, your advice was sound. Have now disabled this. My concern now is why it only started flashing today. I’ve not been into the settings menu recently to change anything. Guzzi gremlins, don’t you just love them !!!

I am convinced that of all the parts bins at the factory the gremlin one is the biggest as its been in regular use for 100 years and shows no signs of emptying :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


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