Norge Digital display

A funny thing happened to me on the way to work the other day. I set off from home with no problems. Stopped a few miles down the road to tank up with fuel. On setting off from the fuel station I noticed the fuel gauge was only 1/2 way, yet I brimmed the tank. And the Digital display wasnt on. Revs and speedo were working fine. Not wanting to stop just in case something more serious happened like not starting at all I carried on to work.
When I parked up I turned everything off, and then back on. MAGIC its all working again.
The wonders of modern Guzzi’s.

Those fuel guages are notorious for only showing half full when you have just filled up. There was a newer float unit which did help.
As for the other, did you wait for the dash to do its full check before trying to start? This can cause anomalies.

Oh Lordy I am SOOOO grateful for the old fasioned analogue dash on the V1000 and V11 Le Mans How come “Progress” often goes backwards???

Ah1 The blessed analogue, bulbs tat barely light the dash and are diffult to change, speedo cables (always carry a spare inner), spededo drives that self destruct and take the bearbox with them, leaking pods that mean your clocks steam up. Rev counter and speedo needles that flicker to +/- 20%.It’s not all analogues of course. Some never fail, ever. BI’ve seen as much of the above as problems with digital etc.All the best,Steve

Yes did wait for it to go through its sequence, im sure it was on when i set off, but didnt check.
When it came back on it hadnt lost any data, so was just in the display unit itself.
As to the gauge after a few mins it went from 1/2 to 3/4, and remained there until I had done about 30 miles when it then read full. Great gained some fuel (I think not)

If you ever feel like it, and want to remove the pump/filter unit from the tank, you could fit the later float unit, the problem seems to be that the float sticks in its sleeve.
You can also confirm that you don’t have one of those potentially dangerous half plastic filters. (UFI do a metal one, available from Opie Oils for under a tenner).

Worth a look I guess