Norge Key lost synch

Last night when I came to set off home from work, I turned the ignition on, and nothing happened apart from the display said enter code.
A call to Moto Strada and they told me which code I needed to enter. This started the bike, but each time i turn off and back on I need to re-enter that code. The key has lost its synch code.
I tried my spare key when i got home and that works perfect, so at least I know its the key and not the bike.
Question is can I reprogram the key, if so how. I looked in the book, and whilst there is a paragraph on changing a code and the need for both keys, it doesnt say what to do if one isnt working.

Are there too many other keys or metalwork on the original’s key-ring, if it’s anything like a similar sort of system cars, the extra metal can interfere if the key has a transponder, since it works rather like a radio link.

There were a couple of other keys on the ring, but have been for 2 years. Only other thing i could think of we hada major thunder storm here yesterday. My first thought was water had got into the electrics on the bike. However the key was dry in my pocket at work. Maybe the lightening had something to do with it.

With cars you put the key in turn it on and off … look hard in the mabual there should be a section on programming the new key

You might find a hard reset of the system will help. Disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes, then reconnect carefully trying to avoid any sparking.

An update, after a day of using the bike with my spare key, this morning while i was giving it its weekly clean down I tried the failed key again, and magic its now working. I didnt do anything different, it wasnt working yesterday when i tried it. Now back to normal, and no expense… wow

If you can check for dash errors, you may find you have DSB 1, 2 or 3 present. Full details in the workshop manual.

I have had this problem for some time. My Norge spends a lot of time outdoors and has suffered some fairly horrendous rain and I really think this is the problem. I tried WD40 and a contact cleaner and got temorary improvement. At one stage I discovered that just moving the bike a meter or so somehow worked, then I discovered that just shaking the handlebars from left to right a few times did it, but of course this type of fault seldom gets better and eventually I had to use the code. It was intermittent at first, but gradually happened more often untill I had to key in the code every time. The code is the last five digits of the chassis number. I seem to remember that it happened with both keys, though I haven’t tried my second key for some time. I thought it had been sorted at the 10000 km service but it returned shortly after. I’m hoping to get it really fixed at the next service, due soon. As I see it, these bikes should withstand whatever weather comes their way. My other bike doesn’t suffer this at all and it’s out in the same weather - which backs up Guzzibear’s point about older and simpler often being better. I don’t know the ultimate solution but I’ll be chatting to my dealer about it soon.

Did you check the dashboard errors?

Bmw’s are notorious for this fault and I understand that a visit to the dealer is nessary to enable keys. with a Guzzi it is possible to enable keys yourself Twiggers talked me through the procedure in about 3 minutes over the phone when i misplaced my spare stelvio key and had to enable a replacement. If i ever have to do it again I can so I think thats a plus for the Guzzi regards keith

HI Brian, Yes checked errors, they did show DSB 1,2,3. Cleared those out for whats its worth. Still no real explanation as to why one key failed for a temp period, and yet the other worked fine. But hey both are working agian now. I’ve started carrying both keys with me.