NORGE LD 02 on display and frozen

My 2007 Norge has run perfectly from new, til now.
Intermittently, the bike would cut out without warning and take minutes before restarting. All instruments ok.
Then when it cut out, the analogue dials would freeze (even when switched off) all lights and indicators would fail, the lcd would show LD 02 and a workshop spanner (though just serviced), which also remains on the screen when switched off. The engine will still start and run…

Haywards are at a loss, having asked around, including the legendary “Baldrick” apparently…
Someone (More Moto, Eye, Suffolk) has suggested a new instrument cluster may be required?

For a while, I could get everything to reset and work by removing and replacing a fuse under the seat (30 amp?), but no more.
The fuse and everything looked good and clean.

Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated if anyone has experienced similar?



I have something similar on my 750 Breva.
Paul Harris (Corsa Italiana) told me that Jason Strefford is the man for modern electrics on new Guzzi’s.
He also knows a firm that will repair the instrument panel.
Good luck.

That’s at Streffords of Worcester, official Guzzi dealer. I think Jason is the owner’s son.

I don’t know anything about this, but would say that instrument panel failures are sadly a known problem, partly at least owing to water ingress. The other basic thing it might just be worth checking I guess is the security of earth straps.

The probable problem with my bike is earthing, but within the loom so only a physical check will find it.
Jason reckons this is not uncommon.

Thank you all to date. The bike has been kept garaged (in truth, molycoddled) throughout it’s time with me, and I think Paul at MoreMoto was planning to go the instrument binnacle route (he says he has a second hand one to try…)

The earthing bit…would that not show up something just on testing sections witih a tester? Showing my electrical naivety perhaps…

At long last sorted by Paul at MoreMoto Gislingham Suffolk. The wiring harness and connections seem ok but the instrument cluster/binnacle wasn’t.

A replacement second hand one showed all working but there was a problem for a while getting the keys recognised. That too is now sorted

All for half the price of a replacement new, which is the national debt of Bolivia

Ian…what about your electrics?

Still not sorted.
Every few days the instrument panel goes dead thus stopping the indicators.
I have found that taking the outside 30a fuse on the battery strap out and refitting (with ignition off) sorts it out so have left it at that so far.
It is not the fuse holder as I first thought as I have already replaced it.

Guess why I went back to a '77 Guzzi?