Norge leaking base gasket - help

Hi Folks
I’m a little distraught.
I bought a really low mileage 64 plate Norge 3 years ago. It’s now done just 5,000 miles but has developed a weeping base gasket on the LH cylinder.
The chap servicing the bike said it will cost £1k to fix, with no guarantees. Otherwise I’m best selling the bike.
I can’t afford £1k & I don’t really want to sell my bike that looks mint & rides really well. It’s taken me a lot to build up to this bike.
Is a leaky base gasket a serious problem. Not sure what to do & I could do with some reassurance from a Guzzi expert.
Cheers guys

I’m not familiar with the later bikes but that all sounds somewhat steep and inconsequential. Base gasket on a Guzzi should be relatively easy to do, and with an anticipated 100% success rate.

Best wait for someone more familiar with the model to come along with a response …

Where about are you? There are plenty of Guzzi mechanics out there who could replace a base gasket for you at a fraction of that cost and as Butch says 100% successfully. It may not even need a replacement gasket it could be that the heads need torqueing down which would also pinch up the base gaskets.

PS see this thread for mechanics recommended by members:-

Best of luck

+1 what they said – 'ow much??? :astonished: