Norge Non starter

Hi, I am sure that this is a topic covered before but I am having trouble getting my Norge started. It is a 4 valve Gt on a '57 plate.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to use or tend to it for nearly 2 years and as a result it won’t start. I have checked the battery and it is showing 12.56 volts, I have cleaned the contacts at the battery end and lastly I have had the starter motor re-furbished (new solenoid and service).
The battery is a Motoblat MBTX16 U.
Up until now she has largely speaking started on the button, but now all the lights come on and I get a fairly loud click when I press the starter and nothing else.

I am not technically/electrics minded and so have exhausted my skill set.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


Try jump starting it. Pretty sure the battery is defunct…they appear to charge up OK and will show 12+V but the minute you try and turn the engine over, no CCA and just a loud click.

If it won’t start with another battery or jumper, then time to look a bit deeper at it…

Thanks, I will give that a go. Bike is in my lock up and so I will look at it tomorrow.


Yes exactly the same thing happened to mine after being stored. Dead battery then it started showing 12volts. Next day dead again. New battery cured it. Good luck. I should add that I upgraded the battery!

Those big CARC bikes require a Yuasa YTX20H-BS, not a 16. The smaller battery inevitably causes starting problems. Computer says NO.

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Sounds a bit like the Guzzi Click no crank problem. An easy fix on the older bikes, not so sure on something modern and computer controlled like the Norge.
Have a read of this thread…

As a simple test, try taking a lead from the battery +ve to the top terminal on the starter motor solenoid to see if it spins the starter motor.

The starter has been fully refurbed with a new solenoid, so I am happy with the fact it should work.
The no start problem was originally cured with the starter relay by pass fused lead. I have ordered a new YTX20 battery which should arrive today.

Fingers crossed that should cure it!

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A big thank you to all the contributors on this thread, I have finally got it started and have moved the bike to it’s new home. So re-furbing the starter, cleaning the connectors and a new ytx 20 battery have solved the problem.