Norge oil filte removal

Just had a very frustrating time trying to remove the oil filter on my Norge, without success.

I bought the filter removal tool from Gutsibits, but it doesn’t fit the filter that is on the bike! It a bit too small and won’t go over the filter enough to get a purchase. The tool fits the replacement UFI filter I bought though.

I thought I would take the sump off so I could get more leverage, but didn’t succeed there either. I took all 14 bolts around the outside of the sump our, plus 3 that are around the filter, but could not get the final one out. It could be it is damaged as the Allen key I used for all the others just spun round. I could not see well enough to see what was happening.

The oil filter that is on the bike is white in colour and clearly not the same as the UFI. Does anyone know if there is an alternate filter, and perhaps a different tool for it?

Should the sump come away with the filter in it, or do you have to take the filter off before you can drop the sump? The manual isn’t too clear on this.

Any other ideas? The filter is now damaged on the bottom and leaking as I thought I could get purchase by sticking something through the bottom, but it seems really stuck.

Found this on GuzziTech forums - not unusual apparently. See in particular bottom post of page …

I made a removal tool, Length of flat bar, drilled and tapped to take 2 M6 bolts think 40mm long. ground ends of bolts to a point. Offer up tool to filter sharp tap with hammer punctured filter (yes can be messy), yes was a bit tight but came off with a bit of pressure.
Now have both 8 and 14 flute oil filter tools.
Torque to correct spec when refitting.
Also had previous problem with 1100 sport filter, 8 flute slipped, superglued small bit of feeler gauge to 2 of the flutes to reduce the play it worked that time… good luck

I use a chain wrench. Can get destructive is all, but for removal you’re not usually too bothered.

UFI changed the number of flutes on the filter from 8 to 14, however both types may still be in circulation so you will need to purchase both filter removal tools. the spec is 76-8 and 76-14 (the 76 refers to the nominal diameter in mm). I am sure Halfords and the like will have them in stock or can order them. They are pressed steel and come with a 3/8 inch square drive socket.
As the filter is recessed in the sump casting, and there is very little radial clearance, these are the only tools for the job.

I am about to do my first time filter change on my 2016 Norge 8v. I have an 8 flute removal tool bought cheaply on Amazon and it appears to be a nice snug fit on the current filter so I was interested to read of the problem you were having. I can only suggest the old fix of a couple screwdrivers punched through to get some traction on the old filter. Brutal but effective and worked on my old Ducati.

I have a preference for using OEM filters and am waiting on one in the post, but at £24 a pop including gasket and filter it won’t take much to tempt me to buy from Gutsibits next time. Good luck.

From what I gather, because it’s recessed into the sump, you can’t get a chain around it.

Been looking for pictures but can’t find any.

Thanks all. Surprised to see how many others have had problems, which made me feel a bit better.

In fact I did manage to solve the issue myself the following day by buying a tool from Halfords. They stock something that has 3 legs, which tighten progressively as you put more torque on. This worked a treat and I would certainly recommend. It only cost 17 quid and can be used with both 3/8 and 1/2 would probably work for almost any oil filter including recessed.

It did take quite a lot of force to get it off.

Interesting thing was that when I got the thing off I found it was actually a UFI filter with exactly the same part number, but it was a different diameter from the new one. It was also white painted whereas the new one was just metal. I didn’t count the flutes, but the tool I got from Gutsibits definitely did not fit, whereas it fitted the new one perfectly. I am pretty sure the old one was slightly longer as well. I don’t know how you can have two articles with the same part number that are physically so different, but there you go.

I followed the same path as somersetlemon but I recall there is a tool for a car that fits the later filters. If you have an early filter, more difficult. I think I put a letter in Gambalunga but it is Friday night and I am unwinding in many ways … this may be it: