Norge paint colour

Hi, I am having some paint done on my Silver Norge 8V and the paint shop cannot match the colour. They say its been painted a few colours. It looks fine to me so I am sceptical. Any help much appreciated.

surely any decent paint-shop should be able colour match? if they think there’s more than one shade, maybe ask them to pick one, point at it and match that? ((o:

failing that, google “moto guzzi paint codes” and you’ll find some lists online

Yes not coming up with much. They have tried the colour I was told, Grigio Excalibur. But apparently is not right.
I may just paint the fairing a contrasting colour to make life easier. Nothing worse than taking it to another shop. I doubt they would be interested now the bikes half done.

according to RS paints it’s titanium ( Guessed year and model though :slight_smile:
I believe there is some info in the internet about paint codes, but can’t remember what site!

been rummaging in the internet and found a few links

MG Kleurcodes (
Motoguzzi Paint Codes & Color Charts (
Moto Guzzi tuning, codes, infos & tips - - the site for Moto Guzzi fans

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That bottom link is full of useful stuff, thanks

Yes much appreciated

I have also used RS Paints in Hatfield for paint on my white Norge GT8V
and it was fine.

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