Norge rear carrier

Is the Givi rear rack easy to fit on a Norge, any adjustments need to be made or is it a straight bolt on ?

I presume this will be the same as the Breva item. Mine was already on the bike, but it looks like a pretty straight forward job. If you intend to take a pillion you will probably find that it sits a bit far forward making things rather cramped. I moved mine back a couple of inches. There is a lthread with pics on here somewhere.

The givi rack easy to fit. I have 48 lts top box and back rest, wife finds pillion seat very comfy … Breva 1100 same I think wits2014-05-07 23:41:40

I’ve got a kappa/givi one on the sport,far better and cheaper than the guzzi one imo,all fit easy with 4 bolts as Wits says…

thanks chaps