Norge rear suspension

Can anybody help, I recently bought a 1200 Norge on 08 plate. It now has 19,000 miles on it and after a fully loaded trip to Prague I was cleaning it and noticed that there is a scuff on the very end of the Pyramid plastic hugger I fitted. The bike has grounded the stand a couple of times when hitting a dip when cornering and it looks and sounds like I have, on occasion, used up all the suspension travel. The rear shock is wound up to maximum preload but it seems as though it has ‘bottomed out’. Has anybody any experience of uprated springs or shocks on the Norge? I have heard about Hyperpro springs and replacement shock. Can the shock be stripped and a new progressive spring fitted? Having said that I still love the bike, despite leaky panniers, which I understand can be sorted by new style seals, anybody know about this? I opted to make some vinyl covers. They did the job and all for less than £20 (and an understanding girlfriend who has a sewing machine)

There were two springs fitted to the Norge, but the later, heavier rated one should have been fitted to all bikes made from mid 07. What is the date stamped on the frame behind the headstock? You have to shunt the tank back to see it.There are several other units that are now available, Hyperpro being one. It is also possible to just change the spring. If you have already got the later spring, the wire should measure 12mm in diameter, the earlier one is thinner. Yes, there are new pannier seals available, but they are hideously expensive in the UK. Order them from a European dealer for a far more sensible price. Yes they do work. I made do with bin liners.

For leaking panniers I use rubber draft excluder stuck to the fixed part of the pannier. This has stopped the leaks, and for only a few quid each.

Check out the manufacture date as suggested the later springs are thicker in diameter and should be a lot better than pre '08. I suppose the cost of a rebuild with a OEM spring or a complete replacement must come into it. DaveM2012-10-19 14:21:30