Norge Rear Wheel Removal

Can anyone confirm if Norge rear wheel removal needs the standard silencer removing first? The bike will be on the centre stand. Is there enough clearance with the silencer and rear mudguard to wriggle the wheel out for a tyre change. Thanks in advance.

On my Breva 1100, I always let the muffler hang down on the ground to give me some elbow room to replace the wheel. I’d say it’s possible to leave the muffler on but your stomach muscles will get a good workout.

Thanks Mackers. Of course the bike shop is happy to remove the wheel to replace the tyre, but I like to know how the bike comes apart in case I need to do it by the roadside. I’m like that!

Hi, I don’t have the standard exhaust on my norge,it’s a staintune. However back wheel has been easily removed several times during my ownership without removing the exhaust or hugger.

I have not done it myself, but on my 2V with standard exhaust, when I get the tyre replaced, they always seems to take the silencer off. It is pretty easy to do I’d say, so may be a false time economy to try to avoid. As far as I can see there are a couple of hanger bolts and the clamp and that’s it.


Had my tyres changed on Sat. The chap that did it has a bench with a removable section for the rear wheel to drop down. Didn’t need it and the wheel came off without a problem (and went back on again the same). The silencer was not disturbed.