Norge Slow running

At the V Twin I spoke to Brian and others about a gadget that fools the ECU into richening the mixture at tick over and slow running. Can’t find it on Twiggers Website but does anyone have any experience of fitting one of these before I make enquiries. Have heard that people have fitted them and then removed them again, would like more info of experiences not hearsay though please.

Can’t do linky things but google finebau forge.

Google O2 manipulator.

I think you are talking about a 02 manipulator made by the likes of Finebau forge, Dynojet and Fatduc.
These things plug in between the lambda O2 sensor in the exhaust and the bike’s ecu.
The lambda sensor tries to set the fuel mixture at 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel. The manipulator will alter this to around 13.6:1. This only occurs in the closed loop area of the fuel map which is upto approx. 5000 prm/40% throttle on the CARC bikes, which is a fair proportion of the total map.
The richer mixture does make the bike feel smoother and pull the higher gears in the bottom of the rev range better but don’'t expect any great increase in actual performance.
On some bikes the manipulator may throw up the occasional warning error on the dash this is not a serious problem. the bike will run fine but it can be annoying.
The real way do it is to switch off the lambda and using Guzzidiag software alter the fuel map directly but that’s an altogether different subject.DaveM2013-08-29 12:23:33

Thanks folks, interesting stuff. The only area that needs smoothing out on the Norge is the very low range throttle setting and tick over so will probably get the FatDuc and give it a try.

Before buying a Fatduc I would make sure the throttle bodies are balanced and the TPS reset. The Fatduc will not improve tickover but the fuel mixture can be varied. All it is is a variable resisitor so if the warning light comes on you can back it off to say 13.7:1 to help but of course the more you weaken the mixture the less effect it will have.
All in all don’t bother get the bike set up correctly and if you are unsure about setting the fuel map yourself with Guzzidiag go to BSD in Peterborough who will do a custom tune for around £400.

Have been roadtesting the unit from Finebeau Forge and the main effects are clean pick up from low revs, smoother through the range and the elimination of the horrible hesitation at low revs in slow traffic queues. The service light comes on occasionally but it did that before.Cheers, Gerry.

Pete’s in the far west of Wales, so Peterborough is probably a bit far. Gerry, if the service light is coming on, what error message do you get? One should be stored. I would second the idea of ensuring the TBs are synced, but also make sure the slack in the throttle cable is absolutely minimal.I have no problems on my early Norge (which has the later map in it) apart from the odd pop on decelleration when the throttle is closed completely. Leave it a touch open when slowing and I get no popping.
Brian UK2013-08-29 19:38:26

No problem with balancing etc, I have the computer stuff so have tried all the normal jinks. The fuel could be remapped of course but I don’t have the stuff to that and yes Peterborough is a bit far. The tickover is not really a problem as such but is an indication of weak mixture, but the stumbling at tiny throttle openings makes my track and heavy traffic difficult to handle. I had already decided that problem must be curable by fooling the ECU into thinking it’s running a bit weak. The Zirconium junction in the Oxy Sensor puts out a voltage related to the O2 content of the exhaust, the more O2 the lower the voltage, so reducing the voltage that the ECU sees should result in longer pulse times for the injectors. This is how the various modifiers work I think. I could probably faff around if I could get the correct plug and socket to connect into the Lamba sensor line and determine some reasonable values for potential divider, but it’s better to buy a gadget as I see no point in re-inventing the wheel.
All useful stuff from you guys. When I’ve finished mucking around I’ll let you know what the results are.

The message is that the Lambda sensor is US, have changed the sensor twice, still no difference. I believe that Royal Mail still deliver to Wales, even from Peterborough, this is a plug and play device.
Cheers, Gerry.

Hi Gerry, I think Brian’s comment about Peterborough referred to the tune up Dave was on about. Great info though. I have sent off for Fat Duc plug and play. Expect it is the same but will post the reults here when I’ve got it from the states and fitted it.

The Fat Duc will put up the same message if the AFR is made too rich. I assume the same will be true of the unit you have.

I expect the fault indication comes up because the ECU is monitoring the injection pulse width. If this is not within limits then a fault is generated suggesting the Lambda sensor is duff. The gizmos cause a wider pulse width to enrich the mixture so a fault signal may be generated, methinks.
I would love to get my hands on a proper technical manual with circuit diagrams for an ECU but that’s not likely to happen.

recommend the Power Commander. More expensive, but it does work. Comes complete with an 02 eliminator.

I have just purchased a finebau module for my 2009 Norge, i am hoping it will help with the problems people have been talking about in this thread, just wondering if anyone else has tried one of these, and can suggest any adjustments to the settings, or is it best left as supplied.


Best to ask the people you bought it from.
(PM finebau forge).Brian UK2013-09-15 09:22:02