Plus’s and minus’s please regarding the Norge

got permission for a new bike, considering re cali vintage (which i know) and Norge, which i dont

I had written a piece for Gambalunga on the 2 valve Norge (which I have), 4 Valve which I borrowed, and compared with the Spada (which I had) and the FJ1200 which I also had.
Pm me and I’ll email it all to you if you wish

(has done, and all sent)

“plusses”? …just done (again) a 700 mile round trip, mixture of roads, necessitating a bit of a move on…11 hrs/50 mpg approx., with nary…well nothing.

“minusses”?…um…Laurie2014-07-26 14:43:27

Hi I’m looking at this. would you send me the info please.
red leader one2014-07-31 19:03:21

Minus: finding one for sale that’s not silver

Now done 4,500 since 20th May on my new to me Norge 8v. bike had the expected snatch at slow speed issue - adjusted throttle cables as recommend by Brian UK and almost gone, best it will get I expect.

fuel sensor is crap,goes to half full and stops so still using odometer as per Cali and T5.

goes like stink, looks great, happy bunny. not getting 50mpg but that is probably down to me rather than bikejim mac2014-07-31 12:29:13

Yup …pm me an email address??? Am away for a couple of weeks , but will do so on return…

ooooh yus…cos they are slower…

Jim Mac, Please can you explain “expected snatch”.

Many thanks

Pih63…suspect JM is referring to the on off power delivery of modern fuel injected Guzzis , which is well documented on here…
My husband has a Finebau module on his Griso which has improved it no end…

Does it do anything for the MPG, or does it just smooth out the throttle?Just been playing with an NC30 1989. The throttle is smooth & linear. My new V7 has a snatch as well but I just ride round it.You’d think that such problems would be a thing of the past.

the ‘snatch’ is as referred to - at slow speeds the throttle is either on or off, no smooth transition, so you get a snatch when taking up speed going through a roundabout etc or stop-start in town. adjusting the throttle cables to min slack helped but didnt eliminate. I still get caught out occasionally but no longer scared of it as it had a tendancy to catch me out. the Finebau solution doesn’t work for the 8v Norge. if I get the chance I will take it to Mel Robinson, tuning guru and let him sort it if possible.

Just had my Norge serviced by Jim at Haywards…I had never been too aware of this “snatch” as a problem , but after Jims fettling it is smoother than some carburetted 4s with chain drive I’ve ridden…