Any know when the Norge stopped being produced? Some reviews in the states write about 2018 models but I think it was discontinued in Europe 2016.
I’m looking for a late one to buy but there are very few around.

2016 would be about right.

Make sure you get on that has been rollerised. Not sure if any were sold in the UK from new with the roller cams.

I couldn’t find one when I was looking, but am very happy indeed with the 2V I bought instead.

I had my Stelvio cam followers rollerised by Twiggers in Loughborugh this year, the parts were free as I had dealer service from new (a couple of the services were by Newcombe Bros after they had stopped being Guzzi reps) with the service book all stamped up and the labour was less than £500.00 including oils and VAT. The bike (and my faith in it) has been transformed. So my advice is that if you look at an 4V per head version that has not been rollerised then only buy it if it has a full service history and get it done yourself. Otherwise take Somersetlemon’s advice and get a 2V per head one.

Thanks for the replies. Was there a fault with yours Chris? If it’s a late model I get it will probably be 4v. Do I have to find a fault before they consider warranty.