Normandy or Brittany 2023 - campsite recommendations sought

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No 2 son and I are planning on a long weekend in either Normandy (preferred) or Brittany in May or June 2023; since I haven’t been abroad since before Covid and not to that area since before that, can anyone recommend a recent good experience with a campsite either along the coast or around Bayeux or Cherbourg? Since he’s emigrated to Cornwall, we will be travelling either Plymouth to Roskopf or Poole to Cherbourg.


Michael Howers
Editorial Assistant, Gambalunga

I cheated and stayed in the Formul 1 at Bayeux
made a change and gave us an early breakfast
I have a link to a few places worth visiting if you are interested ?
sorry cant help with a camp site, we had to travel a fair distance 2 up so space was at a premium on that trip

There is a campsite next to the town centre in Bayeux, we tried to stay there this year but due to ferry issues we didn’t make the closing time so found a hotel. It does look nice though and handy for the town.

Camping Edges of Aure is a nice campsite on the outskirts of Bayeux with an easy walk into town and only a short ride to the Normandy beaches. We have stopped there many times.

Pete Morcombe runs ReBoot Guzzi spares and bed breakfast lodges and camping from La Forêt-sur-Sèvre, in France. Reboot Guzzi Spares
Unfotunately his website is not up to date, but does give contact details. He is quite active on facebook Look up Fortified French Retreat. Redirecting...

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Thanks, it looks like Bayeux is still the best bet. We stayed there years ago and only downside was traffic noise.