Not hitting the speeds it should be capable of

Hi me again
First off a massive THANKS to all you brilliant people who have responded to my previous posts
Right I have a cali 1100 ev I may have been seriously ripped of on purchase Ive just replace the most destroyed clutch ive ever seen on a motorcycle
Got it all sorted so its up and running
Problem is it won’t go above 120kph the specs say it should do 190kph there was a lot of gunk in the air box looked like oil and water so I am thinkin it might be rings if it was water cooled id know it was head gasket gone
There is no clutch slip anymore so I know its not that
Beginning to look like the only way to get any piece of mind is find someone to totally rebiuld her
I love this bike or Id cut my losses and bin it

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i acquired a T3 Cali that just wouldn’t go, once above 60 or so (the test ride was sedate, so didn’t manifest then).

i didn’t have a fried clutch, but after some effort (by ppl who knew what they were at);

  • the carburation was all over the place and both carbs were differently “out”, and

  • the timing was out: turned out the flywheel was out after a past build, so timing marks were out, too

hth - and good luck.

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Hi thanks it’s injection so no carbs but I’ll certainly check out the timing

First things first. My Cali 1100i was on one cylinder when purchased. It had been hooked up to a sidecar, which I missed buying by a day. The near side cylinder (next to the chair, so not easy to access) valve clearances were so slack the push rods fell away from the rocker arms. Gapped properly and ran like a dream - well perhaps in need of tuning and balancing. Whilst in there retorque the heads. (wups. the editor crashed - trying again).

Next - clean the injectors, or at least put some system cleaner through.

If you get an improvement do the full injector service. Also balance the throttles.

If it is firing then forget the ignition; which is ECU-controlled. No harm in renewing the plugs, HT leads and caps.

Lack of speed - possibly fuel filter (PITA under the tank) or pressure regulator (above the filter. Fuel pump is obvious when it goes, so it can be eliminated. I put new fuel pipes on together with QR fittings to simplify tank removal.

Afterthought: is anything stopping the throttle from opening fully?

If your is the later injection system, the pump and filter are in the tank.

Worth checking the breather valve is there and working. If it isnt there the pistons pump air back and forth through air box which may lead to the gunk you are experiencing.
Its easy to forget to fit it if the hoses have been removed

Where abouts are you? It might be worthwhile taking it somewhere to get the fuel injection set up

I’m in spalding cant find anyone near who I’d trust

The nearest Guzzi specialist that I know would be Twiggers in Loughborough. That’s a bit of a trek for you at 50 miles.
120 K/ph is about 75 mph so it should go a lot better than that.

Within weeks of buying my Cali EV last September, the machine was gutless.I took it to my motorcycle engineer,a great bloke,who found the throttle cable had pinched.Once released,back in business.
Just a thought. Good luck.

The South Lincs group of the club meet at Frognal, just 10 miles down the road from Spalding. Pop in on the last Thursday of the month and someone may be able give you some advice. Alan Barker has an 1100 Cali