NTX question

Anyone found the indicator relay on an NTX/XPA 750? Have found the hazard light relay under the right side panel and the siren relay in the fairing.Before I start taking bits off/apart to chase the wiring I thought I’d check with the panel of experts.All the bestSteve

Thought the round drum was under the RH panel was common to the indicators and hazards?

Put on ign and sw ind on then you should feel the relay and hear it clicking places to look are side panel and under tank nr the front.

Will check through the wiring to trace it.The ‘hazard’ relay works, clicks etc. No response with the indicator switch 'though. Made me think there may be two.On the T3 there were two back to back and linked.Will report back later,Steve

We have indicators!Had the bike running in preparation for tank removal and tried the button. Indictors worked OK.Went through double checking earths & connections. All’s well.Now leaving well alone,All the bestSteve

Ahhh ze elektrikery gremlins, that is surely a loose or corroded connection, there are earth wires all over on a Guzzi for indicators look under rear mudguard, front ones any where from headlamp shell to a cluster under the tank front right hand side. Give the switch inners a squirt of wd40 or summat guzzibear2012-09-09 11:39:37